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Come From Away - A New Musical

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Come From Away

Find your way to the Phoenix theatre to experience Come from Away, a new Canadian musical with book, music and lyrics by Irene Sankoff and David Hein. It's set in the week of 9/11, when terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center's twin towers and horrified the world. It reveals the true story of what happened when 38 aircraft, containing seven thousand people, were forced to land unexpectedly in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland, as a part of Operation Yellow Ribbon. The characters are inspired by genuine Gander residents, sometimes using their real names, and some of the real-life travellers they housed and fed have also been accurately represented.

This magical, healing musical has been so well received by audiences and critics that is is already being billed as a 'cathartic reminder of the capacity for human kindness', even in the darkest of times. The message is this: humanity will always triumph over hate. The 71st Tony Awards saw the show nominated for seven awards including Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book of a Musical and Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Jenn Colella. It won the award for Best Direction of a Musical, and now it's due to transfer to the West End in 2019. If you find yourself still troubled by 9/11, this might be the catharsis you need. Either way it's uplifting, beautiful and warm. You're going to adore it.

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Young Couples:

A must see in the West End!
This is one of the best shows that I have been to in a long time. It was POWERFUL, EMOTIONAL, SAD , HAPPY and HEARTFELT all at the same time. Totally immersed in the story with an immense sense of pride for these actors who portrayed a story of true human kindness in a worldwide tragedy . Don’t miss it!!
Karen, 08 Jan 2023
An engaging story and lively music
I went with my grown daughters. We all loved it.
Paula, 04 Jan 2023
When the world seems so rubbish it was lovely to see a show that highlighted human goodness. The performance was first class and very clever as each actor played two characters. There were some very funny parts and some very touching parts. The songs were catchy and the band brilliant.
Michelle, 30 Dec 2022
Good fun with a show of goodness
Peter, 28 Dec 2022
One of the best shows I’ve ever seen
Fantastic script, even better knowing that the stories are true. Engaged throughout. Absolutely loved it. Can’t understand why it’s coming off.
Colin, 20 Dec 2022
Outstanding show
Amazing story that makes you think about it from all perspectives.
Lynne, 07 Dec 2022
Emotional and Uplifting
This show was a true story from a difficult time. However it captured the truth, emotions and camaraderie at the time. Excellent
Muriel, 07 Dec 2022
Must see before it ends in West End
Not a fancy musical but has super clever settings. Love how they put passions into telling such a great show. It is really my favorite, watching it in this theatre would always remain a best experience in London.
Yi-Syuan, 30 Nov 2022
One of the best, if not the best, musicals I have ever seen
I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Mesmerised by the acting and the story. Couldn't take my eyes of the stage.
Ellen, 26 Nov 2022
A joy to watch
Loved the show, many different stories inside the big story kept your attention. No big characters, excellent ensemble.
Susan, 17 Nov 2022
Most enjoyable
A really enjoyable show.
Susan, 16 Nov 2022
Just wonderful
This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Gripping from the start. The cast all play several roles and the transition between parts is seamless and totally credible. The musicians are wonderful too. We sat in the dress circle and the view from our seats was excellent.
Jane, 13 Nov 2022
Great true story
It was a true story. Told by actors and actresses. They would change clothes, to be different people. Very cleaver. Enjoyed it. Sad at times. A feel good show. The time went very quickly. Really enjoyed it. Would recommend this show.
Celia, 10 Nov 2022
Thought provoking
Excellent heart warming account of events that we would not have known about nor imagined could have happened yet makes so much sense under the tragic circumstances happening in New York.
Sharon, 09 Nov 2022
I Laughed and I cried!!!
The theatre is very nice. Good size for a show. The show took me back to Sept 11,2001 and made me cry and some of the stories made me laugh. Don’t miss this play it is AMAZING study of humanity at its finest!!
John, 29 Oct 2022
Fabulous show
Come From Away was highly recommended to us by our 22 y/o daughter. All of us found it deeply moving, emotional, funny and wonderfully performed. It's a creative show that draws you in from the starting notes. It will touch your heart and you'll leave wanting to be a better person.
Jackie, 28 Oct 2022
Best show ever
1hr 40 mins of pure joy, music, laughter. So cleverly put together.
Susan, 27 Oct 2022
The best show I’ve seen!
Come From Away is poignant, creative, funny, heartbreaking, and inspiring. The performance was outstanding. The theatre was beautiful. I can’t imagine a better ending to a fantastic London trip.
Joyce, 25 Oct 2022
Beautifully presented so moving
The show was so wonderfully put together. It had joy, laughter, humour, sadness and showed the feelings of how people cope with an unexpected disaster.
Paul, 24 Oct 2022
Awesome, feel good show. Must see!!!
This show was amazing. The talented singers and actors were out of this world. It was funny, thought provoking but overall reminded you about the good humanity can do when people come together. The music was epic. Seats we had at the back of the Dress circle were perfect even though we booked them last minute. Great value. Would see this show again and again!
Julie, 20 Oct 2022
Fast paced, energetic, mesmerizing
From the moment it started, you were fully immersed in a myriad of human stories, which you watched evolving before your eyes. I'm sure if I watched the show again, I'd pick up new bits I'd missed the first time. Loved it.
Karolina, 16 Oct 2022
Colourful, creative, imaginative,great treatment of a truly inspirational story of people coming together under difficult circumstances
Humor, inspirational, fast moving, appealing to all
Jane, 05 Oct 2022
What a show
The show was recommended to us by our daughter and we are do thankful she did. 1 hour 40 minutes of excellence. The music, singing, acting, comedy and tinges of sadness for the real event. Excellent script. Recommend letting yourself relax and enjoy the show. The end for me as an amateur musician was pure class and no one, repeat no one remained seated. Would watch it again anyway. Well done everyone for this brilliant show and the entertainment.
Robert, 01 Oct 2022
A fun, lively, informative and also poignant show. Any show that you come away from, wanting to google to learn more about the events depicted, has been a worthy show to go to
Nicola, 23 Sep 2022
A must see!
Fast moving, funny and emotional.Music gets your foot tapping and the singing was superb.
Christopher, 18 Sep 2022
Thought provoking
What an amazing show, laughter and tears. Very talented cast and musicians. Beautiful theatre and think seats anywhere would work well for this show.
Karen, 15 Sep 2022
Illuminating, real and so moving
Focuses on things that were happening because of the catastrophic and dreadful actions on 9/11 in the USA, that I was unaware of, which highlights the best and worst of human nature. The simplicity of the set and the absolute intensity of the actors was so moving. Can’t recommend it highly enough!
Paula, 13 Sep 2022
must see
this had been recommended by several people - from the start to the finish the show was excellent - the actors and actresses really seemed to be enjoying it too - or maybe they were just acting!!!
Jacqueline, 13 Sep 2022
Brilliantly Canadian!
A most uplifting heartwarming show. Newfoundlanders at their very best. Not many shows receive spontaneous 100% standing ovations Ona Monday night.
IAN, 13 Sep 2022
The music in this show was amazing! Acting was wonderful, and excellent performance.
Louise, 12 Sep 2022
This is the sixth time I have seen this show and every time I am reduced to tears by its story and laughed out loud at its humour. It is a beautiful, inspiring story fantastically told.
Natalie, 07 Sep 2022
Fabulous show.
What a show, what a story. One of the best shows we’ve seen. One got forty minutes with no break. Early finish, meal afterwards. Ends January 23. If you’re in London, it’s a must see and is a triumph if the face of adversity.
David, 30 Aug 2022
A must see!
Such a powerful story of how a group of islanders came together to help hundreds of stranded passengers caught up in the 9/11 tragedy. Twelve brilliant actors, 12 chairs and 2 tables told this very moving story with a great group of musicians. The singing was amazing as was the choreography. We laughed and we cried. Fabulous show. Can’t recommend enough.
Judy, 24 Aug 2022
Don't miss this extravaganza
Absolutely brilliant show, full of joy, pathos and fantastic music. First rate acting with seamless transition between scenes and individual roles. Flawless performances.
Patrick, 18 Aug 2022
Lovely gem of a show!
The show is based on a true story so had lots of poignant moments but was very cleverly done. Not one for younger children as there’s a lot of story telling going on that’s quite tricky to keep up with. The cast were amazing, they worked together so well. They all played a variety of characters. Really great show, would highly recommend!
Jo, 15 Aug 2022
Been to three shows this week, this was BRILLIANT! (And the best)
Ethna, 13 Aug 2022
Lively, immersive and uplifting play
This was a compelling story of true events told simpathetically and with humour. The music was rousing and well played by the musicians who were also integrated into the story. Very enjoyable and definitely a must see!
Corinne, 11 Aug 2022
I went to this musical not knowing what to expect. I found myself engorged in the story and sitting on the edge of my seat thirsty for more. The setting, cast, music and story are amazing in their own ways. Together there is only one word: EXCELLENT!
Sara, 10 Aug 2022
Absorbing, up-lifting story
My main criticism is of the delay in being admitted to my seat. I printed a copy of the e-mail confirmation and a friend also put a copy on her smart phone for me. There was nothing in any correspondence to say anything more had to be done than show both on reaching the theatre. Instead, I was directed to the Box Office and almost missed the beginning of the show whilst I waited for them to sort it out. Something must be done to improve the mechanics of this.
Anne, 29 Jul 2022
Amazing! Life-affirming!
The upbeat nature of the show, based on the true story, just highlighted the better side of human nature. It was poignant, funny and very positive. The tempo was non-stop, the music was easy to follow - I loved that the musicians were on stage & became part of a couple of scenes - the staging was simple, but very effective - clever use of the revolve, the lyrics were clever, there was pathos and understanding and mis-understanding, all brilliantly interwoven into a seamless whole. REALLY ENJOYED IT!
Chris, 25 Jul 2022
Entertaining and educational. A perfect storm
Sit back, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the adventure about the gracious Newfoundlers in a time of crisis
Henry, 21 Jul 2022
Great show
I have heard great things about this show and it did not disappoint, Great show
Darrel, 17 Jul 2022
Very emotional
Revived the memories of those days. And as a Canadian makes me proud of the way the Newfies came to the rescue with enormous generosity. The music was authentic Newfoundlander. The small cast (12) filled so many roles, shifted seamlessly among the various characters' accents, and even caught the essence of the Newfie accent and dialects.
Donald, 09 Jul 2022
Powerful, emotional and quite simply breathtaking!
An event that shook the world told so powerfully through the eyes of those who helped the "plane people" in Gander. We could not take our eyes off the stage. We laughed, we cried and we felt every bit of it! Superb performances from everyone involved on and off the stage.
Charlotte, 09 Jul 2022
What an unexpected find!
What a fabulous show! Funny, energetic, emotive, and all round entertaining! Highly recommend.
Jenny, 07 Jul 2022
Excellent we saw this in Australia
We saw this in Melbourne but this was much better excellent acting.
Susan, 05 Jul 2022
heart rendering joyous experience
The show was wonderful,each character a story that you needed to find out the ending.Heart warming and thought provoking.
JENNIFER, 30 Jun 2022
Outstanding in Every Way
This show is incredible, the story is original (and based on true events), it's breath-taking, emotional and thought-provoking. You couldn't ask for more. I've now seen it twice, once from the Circle and last night from in the Stalls. The acting is outstanding, with all of the cast playing two contrasting parts, with minimal costume tweaks. Both times there has been a standing ovation, and I've heard, from the folks at the Phoenix Theatre Arts Club (situated below the the Phoenix Theatre where the show is hosted), that there is a standing ovation every night and I totally believe it. See it for yourself and you'll see why.
Joanna, 28 Jun 2022
Possibly one of best shows I have seen .
The show is very moving , but kept lighthearted .
Denise, 24 Jun 2022
Outstanding Play About a Tough Event in History
This show was an emotional roller-coaster for me yet I would go see it again in a heartbeat. My secretary lost a nephew in Tower 2 and I have seen his name at the recessed pond there now; my wife and I were in NYC 4 weeks after the towers collapsed and saw the smoldering clouds of smoke still rising. This play told such a poignant story of what the people of Gander, Newfoundland did and how they impacted 7,000 lives for those four days. When the one actress playing a pilot role thanked people for flying we had many United employees do the same thing when we flew to Australia the first week of November 2001. I laughed, I cried, and had such a wonderful evening. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I hope more people will take the opportunity to see this show. At the end everyone, and I mean everyone, in the theater were on their feet right up until the band stopped playing. BRAVO! and much success!
Sue &, 23 Jun 2022
Great show. Would highly recommend.
Paul, 04 Jun 2022
Awesome production
Absolutely brilliant show highly reccomend .A real bonus friendly theatre staff.
David, 01 Jun 2022
A must see story
Brilliant ? great story music was superb
David, 01 Jun 2022
Absolute must see
Fabulously put together. Great upbeat rendition based on a true story. Actors were phenomenal, portraying different characters in fast moving scenes/set-ups that changed before your eyes. Highly recommended
Janina, 31 May 2022
So much fun
Such a talented group of performers, switching between emotions with ease, great songs, made us laugh so much. Would definitely watch again
Ella, 28 May 2022
Nothing to dislike. It's one of the best feel good shows ever. A real case of true humanity at work.
Bernice, 25 May 2022
Greatest cast ever
Flabbergasted by the cast of singers and musicians! Great singing, dancing, playing and perfect staging. No killer songs or ‘hits’ in the music but by the end you’ll be so mesmerized by all that’s happening on stage that it doesn’t matter anymore. Five star performance!
Frank, 19 May 2022
Fantastic show that takes you through all the human emotions.
What a great show!!! Laughter & tears but ultimately a very clever story about a true display of human togetherness.
Damian, 13 May 2022
Highly Creative
Loved how creators of this show could make a musical about such an event. The musical score was brilliant as were the musicians. Musical finale was quite spectacular. Well done to all creators and performers.
Glenn, 12 May 2022
Fabulous must see!
Creative staging, great music, acting, singing. This is a one act show, no intermission. Absolutely outstanding!!
Nancy, 06 May 2022
Amazing show
Very fast moving - need to concentrate on changes of characters . Not many longer numbers that you can relax and enjoy. Didn’t go away humming one of the tunes like I often would. Having said these negative sounding things I really did enjoy it - good to have such a definite story and thought provoking too.
Ann, 03 May 2022
Creative, imaginative, great show
This is an absorbing show, with great, versatile performances. A real ensemble piece, without massive show tunes but a great band playing largely Irish music
Diana, 22 Apr 2022
Exciting production
Whitty, fast-paced, well-timed, great acting & music
Ilia, 19 Apr 2022
Wow, blown away by this show
Amazing performance and very thought provoking. Not the type of show I’d normally choose but soooo glad I did.
Catherine, 16 Apr 2022
Very enjoyable and uplifting
Second time in a few months and a treat to my friend birthday, and he loves it too.
Albi, 12 Apr 2022
One of the Best!
Loved the music! The set worked well! One of the best show I have seen ! We want to go back and see it again.
susan, 12 Apr 2022
A well told true story
Come from Away was not a show I would have chosen but for the fact our son lives in Canada and knew the Newfoundland story. It was so well produced and acted and we were amazed at how hard the actors worked. I have never seen a set of chairs move around a stage so effortlessly! It was brilliantly done. A must see show.
Jill, 03 Apr 2022
Appreciated the artistic use of the revolving stage and chairs . Very simple yet so effective ! We loved it ! Singers are amazing.
Paul, 01 Apr 2022
An interesting subject with a thoughtful insight
This was a good show with an interesting insight into what happened to the people stranded following their planes being redirected to Newfoundland following 9/11. Things that affected airspace and people I would never have thought of. The ending made me 1. get a lump in my throat and 2. feel smiling and joyful.
Rosina, 30 Mar 2022
Great show.
What a great feel good show full of ups and downs laughs and tears. Great seats too. Loved every second. Bravo ??
Kelsey, 24 Mar 2022
Must see - story of humanity at its best
Great show Some of the songs acoustics could be bit better Do go it is uplifting
Roger, 23 Mar 2022
This show was recommended to us and we were so glad that they did. We were unsure how they could make a musical from this subject matter but it was uplifting, humorous and a little emotional too. Brilliant.
Lynn, 18 Mar 2022
Average show with no tunes with lasting memory.
The storyline was quite good but I felt there were no lasting tunes and sometimes the singing was a bit "screetchy'. the acting was good and there were some amusing moments.
Stewart, 12 Mar 2022
Upbeat, touching musical
One of the many lesser known stories of 9/11. Told with humour, but with some appropriately poignant moments. Incredibly clever in terms of the staging and costumes. Just fabulous!
Lara, 11 Mar 2022
Great show - A little too much singing
Can’t fault the actors, they were brilliant. Albeit, the show contained a too much singing for me, I like a split between acting and singing and this was loaded with singing, the whole show is like one big song. Great story, great narrative but if you prefer more dialogue, maybe it isn’t for you. Also there wasn’t an interval :(.
Ayanna, 08 Mar 2022
Possibly best show since West Side Story.
The simplicity of the staging, poignancy of the story which was beautifully acted, combination of humour and sadness and some very moving and uplifting tunes provided us with a night we will long remember.
Ray, 06 Mar 2022
Amazing, phenomenal, just incredible!
I was crying and laughing the whole way through.
Michael, 22 Feb 2022
A moving, masterful tribute
We loved the simple yet so creative set and that this tragic event is remembered as it should be in honour of those who lost their lives. The show beautifully spotlights individual stories of loss, love, courage and hope. And the all encompassing welcome we should all give to the one in front of us, without prejudice, following the example of the people of Gander. Loved every minute, cried several times and laughed a lot. Thank you.
Paul, 07 Jan 2022
Bad news turned good
Great heartwarming story based on real events. Most enjoyable for adults who recall 9/11 events but still enjoyed by my daughters aged 10 and 12 with a bit of story prep beforehand.
Elspeth, 05 Dec 2021
Don't Miss
Fantastic! Really enjoyed it, very clever?
Allison, 05 Nov 2021
Wondeful story
We laughed and cried and enjoyed the show. I was there with my 17 year old daughter and we both loved it. One of the best I’ve seen.
Mia, 03 Nov 2021
A must see show.
Great show based on true event, cleverly put together. Fantastic performances from whole cast. A wonderful evening of entertainment.
FIONA, 26 Oct 2021
Brilliant. Do not see where the 1hr 45 went. Captivated all the way
Andrew, 26 Oct 2021
Lovely story
Amazing performance of a lovely story told from a tragic period of time.
Alex, 15 Oct 2021
Absolutely brilliant
Really good show ?
Teresa, 08 Oct 2021
Great Story and would recommend
A very good show dont be put off by story line its superb
Steve, 06 Oct 2021
Unexpectedly brilliant!!
Hadn’t heard too much about this show until I was looking for tickets for a wet Saturday matinee… so glad I chose it … very entertaining lots of great songs and humour… thoroughly enjoyed it
Amanda, 04 Oct 2021
The relationships were unbelievable. Wonderful company unisons. All cast have individual styles.
COLIN, 01 Oct 2021
Absolutely phenomenal!!
I’d heard amazing things so was already excited to watch this show but I was still surprised by how good it actually was! The cast was fantastic and the musicians were insanely talented! An absolute must-see for everyone!
Olivia, 01 Oct 2021
Musically magnificent
Fantastic musical. Great music, great entertainment and emotional. A must see this year.
Philip, 23 Sep 2021
The best musical out there
Cannot recommend this musical enough. I’m a frequent west end fan, and this show surpasses any other. I’ve seen it 3 times and have already booked to see it a 4th in a few months time. You will NOT be disappointed
Grace, 13 Sep 2021
My first time seeing "Come From Away" and it completely mesmerized me. Recommend it to anyone! Such a beautiful musical wihh great acting, music and dancing!
Jessica, 03 Sep 2021
Not to be missed a truly creative stunning show
Brilliant choreography singing and story a moving experience on some many levels
sue, 29 Aug 2021
a must see
wasn't sure about it being based on 9/11 but was pleasently surprised
jason, 17 Aug 2021