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Idiots Assemble: Spitting Image The Musical

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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

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Saturday, 26 August 2023

Running time
2 hours 35 minutes including 20 minute interval

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Young Couples:

Theatre Spitting Image
A most enjoyable show not for the faint hearted or easily upset (apparently most of the UK's population but not on the afternoon we went to the Phoenix Theatre}!!
Patricia Eileen, 24 Aug 2023
Hilarious! Much better than expected. Wondered how musical would translate, but it worked. A message before it started warned audience of possible offensive content, and it delivered!if you're easily offended, don't go!
Lesley, 23 Aug 2023
The funniest thing in years
Laughed from start to end
Jacqueline, 18 Aug 2023
Well worth seeing
Very funny show and well executed. May need to watch it a couple of times to see all the little extra bits happening off to the sides.
Karen, 17 Aug 2023
Crying with laughter
Fab show. Very naughty and hilarious! Absolutely politically incorrect, etc! You’ll not stop laughing ?
carole, 17 Aug 2023
A must see
If you want a good laugh you need to see this. So funny. Very current.
Janeen, 14 Aug 2023
Tiny Tom Cruise
Brilliant show. Totally un woke which was very refreshing. Some excellent puppet's and a very funny show.
Alison, 05 Aug 2023
Spitting Image at its acidic best!!
Not for the easily offended, but brilliant entertainment. Loved it
Julie, 29 Jul 2023
Amazing acting, puppets and humans alike!
This is the real show! Laugh and joke about anything!
Ka Fei, 25 Jul 2023
The 1980s reborn !
Classic Spitting Image comedy at its best - but on a stage ! Incredible puppeteers and the whole production was top class !
Sharon, 19 Jul 2023
Excellent show and funny throughout, but very rude!
Really enjoyed every minute of this show but not for the faint hearted! Very witty but risqué and vulgar from start to finish. Don't miss it if you like that type of humour.
Maurice, 08 Jul 2023
Very near the knuckle and hilarious
Don’t go if you are easily offended, but this is an amazingly funny satirical show that is right up to date news wise and not to be missed. The puppets are just as good as the originals and the songs and lines fantastic.
Janet, 07 Jul 2023
Absolutely brilliant!
Far exceeded my expectations. Absolutely brilliant.
Gillian, 24 Jun 2023
Irreverently funny
Maria, 12 Jun 2023
Wickedly Funny, A must see production
The Performance and Storytelling was current and extremely funny. The puppeteers were superb and very realistic carrying the puppets. The show lived up to what I saw in the 1980's, a production team.
Atul, 02 Jun 2023